Have you ever thought yoga could help your cystitis? So which yoga practice is best for cystitis?

Have you ever been told that Yoga is made for men? When Yogis developed yoga they focused more on the male body and did not create specific female body practices. And they forgot to focus on certain muscles relaxation… Pelvic floor muscles

It happened to me when I realized that all my Cystitis issues, Endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), were coming from my pelvic floor health, I started practicing what traditional yoga suggests for this issue: Mula Bandha and Ashwini Mudra.

But for some reason, these were not working but actually aggravating my condition.

Some scientific research about the pelvic floor and cystitis here: :

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To understand better what is the best yoga practice for cystitis is important to know 2 main yoga practices: Mula Bandha and Ashwini Mudra.

Mula Bandha consists of the Root Lock, one of the three locks we can apply during our yoga practice, it consists in engaging the perineal muscle, which I often used for pelvic floor training and to improve digestion.

Ashwini mudra is a practice of rhythmic perineal contraction and relaxation. It is also used for the above-mentioned purposes.

While Mula bandha is mostly practiced for energy conservation, Ashwini mudra is more focused on the Apana energy stimulation, and muscle movement.

The problem with these two practices is that not everyone can relax on command and given that for granted, many people are practicing it aggravating their condition. And because is a hidden muscle, it is very hard to find the cause of many pathologies.

Also, frequent intense yoga practices, like any intense activity, can comport a pelvic muscle’s excessive contraction (hypertonicity) and cause pain and discomfort.

Don’t get me wrong, Yoga is great, we simply should learn more about our pelvis and listen to our body to understand what’s best for us and how to relax it.

WHY meditation for cystitis

If you suffer from cystitis you would also enjoy practicing chakra meditation, which I consider part of the best Yoga practices for Cystitis.

I am so thankful Yoga taught me about Chakras and Chakra Meditation. Our first three Chakras are so important for our pelvic health:

Muladhara is our First Chakra and is the most important chakra of all, considering that if this one is not flowing, it blocks the growth of the other chakras too. It relates to our roots and self-awareness, especially to our legs and butt.

Svadhisthana is our Second Chakra and it corresponds to our hips and genital health.

Manipura Chakra is our third chakra and it corresponds to confidence and self-value

These three chakras will set the base for your love for life, your safety feeling, and your faith in your capabilities, strength, and power. So a constant meditation practice will help you overcome your mental limitations and release physical pain and tensions.

Best yoga practice for cystitis? Relax!

If you want to practice with me Root Chakra meditation you can do it here:


It is also basic, if you suffer from Cystitis, to understand your pelvic anatomy.

Pelvic floor muscles are hidden and it is not easy to be aware of them. The Pelvic Floor is made of 3 main layers of muscles attached to the pelvic bones, they are responsible for our core health, so also for all our internal organs and genitals.

How can you understand if and when your muscles are relaxed or contracted?

Well, there are two main ways: check with your pelvic floor therapist and join a yoga class for Pelvic pain. To know more about it, have a look at my article, ‘ 2 Ways to find out if your Hypertonic’:

'Chakra awakening pose for Yoga for Cystitis'

YOU CAN HEAL when you find the right yoga practice for you

Even though I tried many remedies, It was only when I discovered how to relax my pelvic floor, that I started to see real results.

Now I can better control my bladder discomfort with yoga exercises, I can prevent pain after a workout, I am aware of my muscles and I can train them for a better tone and oxygenation.

So Yoga for Pelvic Floor Relaxation is the type of yoga that can help if you are suffering from Cystitis, Interstitial cystitis, IBS, Endometriosis, Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Painful Intercourses, and most of the pathologies related to your pelvis.

But don’t forget… constancy is the key

If you want to start Yoga for Pelvic Pain, you can find my favorite props here:

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