“Claudia is a very sweet and very good teacher. Her love for yoga shows through teaching and also her professionalism. Practicing with her online, especially during the pandemic, made me feel better and helped me face that period with a positive attitude.”
(Sales representative)
“It is thanks to Claudia's videos that I approached the practice of Yoga. In his videos and live shows he puts all his passion, positivity and professionalism. I find his approach really motivating and engaging. Seeing is believing.”
(Flight attendant)
“Thanks to Claudia I discovered and tried yoga for the first time: the lessons with her were very pleasant , an opportunity for mental and physical pamper and training. Already after a few lessons, I appreciated the benefits! Thanks Claudia!”
pelvic health online yoga Instructor
"Yoga with Claudia has been a great experience I would recommend to everybody. Claudia is a fantastic teacher, she is prepared and very professional. Her classes are really well organized and her teaching style, clarity and calmness helps to identify yourself with the session."
(Cabin Supervisor)
“Claudia was a discovery. What I liked most about his way of teaching is the absolute adaptability and personalization of the classes. Great teacher, very sweet and super qualified. The desire to grow, change and always be updated is what distinguishes her as a Yoga instructor.”
pelvic health online yoga Instructor
(Life coach)
"I met Claudia on Instagram and immediately we became friends with mutual esteem! We did some collaborations on Instagram that allowed us to get to know each other better. Since I have some issues with my irregular cycle I decided to rely on her, to be guided in yoga practices and meditations. Excellent choice, I am really satisfied with the path I am taking with her. She prepares tailor-made lessons and even if we are distant and we do classes online, it seems like having her so close, she understands your needs, she corrects you and guides you throughout the practice ... I have had great results on my menstrual cycle health, which is quite regular now and with only two months of practice!"
(Health coach)
"With your help I was able to understand the importance of the muscles of the pelvic floor. And the help you gave me to relax it was very important since I was always contracted. Your professionalism and the patience shown with me was very important since the beginning, because I knew practically nothing about it... Thanks 🙏❤"
(Administrative employee)
“I did amazing yoga practices with Claudia. She is very knowledgeable. Even though I usually do yoga by myself at home, I felt the difference in my body after learning the correct postures in details from her. It’s definitely worth trying yoga with Claudia!”
(Flight Attendant)