"I already tried yoga, it did not work for my condition"

Traditional yoga, has been studied on man’s bodies, and for years women practiced it with absolutely no knowledge of pelvic floor muscles. Some yogic practices aim to contract the pelvic floor even more, and this results in worsen some conditions. In my Program you will practice specific exercises for your condition, made just for women.

"I already trained my Pelvic Floor with Kegel balls, and it did not work at all"

Right, Kegel balls help your pelvic floor contraction, so are for who has a Hypotonic Pelvic Floor. Also ia recommended to follow Kegel Balls training under the eye of an expert, because they do not teach you how to use all the pelvic floor muscles. If instead your muscles are too thight (Hypertonic Pelvic Floor) then what you need is to relax.

"I am ok not to have a happy sexual life, I can live without"

Are you really giving up on a beautiful happy life? Do you know that our hormones impact our mood, and our sex life has a huge role in this? Keeping our pelvic floor muscles active helps to prevent many vaginal diseases, and keep depression and swing mood away.

"After I started Yoga my bladder started hurting"

You might be surprised but this is very common. Traditional Yoga does not focus on Pelvic floor muscles relaxation. A muscle is weak when over contracted (Hypertonic Pelvic Floor) or not able to contract properly (Hypotonic Pelvic Floor). How to train a muscle? Make sure your muscle is relaxed and then you can start to tone up.

"I prefer taking antibiotic, it's easier and faster"

“I prefer taking antibiotic, it’s easier and faster.”It might be a good solution if it happens once, but when your cystitis becomes frequent, you might prefer taking a different and more natural approach to avoid to mess up your digestion and food sensitivity

“I already tried everything and I know my body better than everyone"

I used to think this too, but then I learned not to stop until I find the solution! Are you willing to live your life for a half? Life is a gift and what happens to you has a reason. You are unique and special and you are here on this planet to share with the world your knowledge. Don’t give up and keep learning, living the best life you can!