About me

Hi, I am Claudia and I am a Yoga teacher 520hr
Because of my previous job as a flight attendant, I had the fantastic chance to travel a lot around the world, and discover different realities. During my trips I discovered the beauty of India and I thought it would have been the right place to start my Yoga journey.
I did in Rishikesh, India, my first Yoga training. That allowed me to start share the beautiful knowledge of this amazing discipline.

My experience

I started my Yoga journey when I was 17 because I needed to escape from anxiety. I already knew I had a problem with my emotions, I as an empath, I feel everybody’s feeling double and this of course created in me a big unbalance.

I had my first cystitis when I was around 4. At least this is what I remember since nobody has a record of it, not even my doctor knew I had it. When my second cystitis arrived at 18. I finally gave it a name and I finally got medical support: antibiotic.

Cystitis were coming and going and I started to feel the need to have an healthier life, and this is how I seriously started Yoga, and I felt renewed! But my pelvis did not stop hurting …

Yoga was my lifestyle already but I was getting sicker and sicker.

Now after cystitis I was having Candida, and pain during sex was becoming normal. I started to visit a gynecologist, that suggested me to have a laser surgery. My health did not improve but got worse.

Cystitis was part of my life and so Candida. Looked like I had to give up on my sex life. Of course I did not accept that, so I kept studying and trying different approaches.

I was already teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga when, thanks to my last gynecologist, I discovered the Pelvic Floor muscles and their importance. I heard about it rarely in Yoga classes and I had never heard about it anywhere.

So I started to study and I found out my pelvic floor was very weak because too tight! From then I can finally breath and understand the logic of my body. Listen to my body closer and give it what it needs.

Now I am living again!