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Heal your pelvic pain and inflammatory disease. Try my pelvic health online yoga class. Claudia Nicolai yoga instructor.


Pelvic-Floor-Inflammatory desease therapy

HEAL YOUR Pelvic Floor Disorders

  • You are suffering from painful cystitis for years and you cannot find a way out
  • You get recurrent candida and have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)because of repeated antibiotic treatment
  • You have been diagnosed with Endometriosis or Adenomiosis
  • As if it was not enough, you started to feel constipated and bloated and your menstrual cycle is giving you lots of trouble, like Dysmenorrhea, painful ovulation, indigestion and gluten intolerance
  • You tried many healing ways and consulted many experts, but you are still suffering and you feel hopeless because nothing works and you just want to come back to a normal life
  • Would you like to improve your sexual relations? Yoga thanks to particular positions and breaths makes us stronger, more flexible and increases the flow of prana in our body. This makes us feel closer to ourselves by enriching and improving our sexual sphere
  • You feel lost and you would like to talk about your condition with somebody who can understand you, and guide you through a healing process.


Yoga for Pelvic Health focuses on a natural healing approach to let go of bladder discomfort, recurrent Cystitis symptoms, Candida and Irritable Bowel Syndrome… My program focuses on Women’s needs: self-love, and self-value. Reprogramming our mind through mantras to reconnect with our femininity and let go of any shame or limiting conviction. Every women should be aware of their pelvis anatomy and function! How do we do that? Through movement, breathing, and the power of thoughts. With my method, you will find relief from stress and anxiety. You will learn to love yourself deeply and find balance in your life to set free your woman essence. Improve your bladder health to prevent bacterial cystitis. You will have a comfortable body, where you can finally feel good and feel free. Forget of taking medication and chemicals that intoxicate your body. Your life is in your hands. You have the power to make new choices, for a better life, for a better You!


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Benefits & Outcomes

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Let go of pain

Learn how to naturally heal cystitis pain, bladder pain, constipation, endometriosis symptoms, IBS, menstrual cramps, irregular period…

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Improve Awareness And Control Of Your Pelvic Muscles

Practice Yoga asanas for pelvic relaxation. Discover how your pelvic floor works. Engage and relax, your 3 layers of pelvic muscles and connect your mind with them, in order to control the movements and get tone (improve your health).
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Let go of stress

Balance your Root and Sacral chakra, the most important chakras that set the base of our mental and physical health. Connect with your thoughts reprogramming your mind to heal and give space to a happy and inspiring life.


Improve the quality of your breathing

Use Pranayama to oxygenate your pelvic muscles, calm your mind and correct your breathing. Learn to use your diaphragm to help you live a better life. Connect with your hand gestures , Mudras, to enhance your breathing, mental and physical energy.


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Relese your feminine power

Relax your mind and find calm through exclusive woman’s meditation. Love yourself as the beautiful woman that you are. Learn to love all your body parts

‘Love yourself, because nobody will do it better than you’


What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that involves all the aspects of a person. Physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.  

Yoga means Union, from Sanskrit ‘yuj’ whose meaning is ‘join’ between mind and body but mostly between Individual consciousness and universal consciousness. So Yoga helps to balance body mind and emotions through various techniques. When imbalanced,  our body does not function as it should, our organs do not work in coordination and diseases may manifest.

Yoga does not teach us how to live, but how to cope with our life. There are many type of Yoga, as Raja, Hatha, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, Tantra, Kundalini, Laya, like Ashtanga, Bikram, Yin, Yang, Vinyasa, Dancing, Laughing and more. In the last half of the 20th century Hatha Yoga has become the most practiced one.


History of yoga

Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, considered the symbol of supreme consciousness, is said to be the founder of yoga, and Parvati was the primal name of this discipline.

In archeological excavation made in the Indus Valley, nowadays in Pakistan, many statues of Lord Shiva, have been found in yoga poses. Yoga since the ancient time was considered as ‘supreme knowledge, will, and action, responsible for all creation’. This primordial cosmic energy is called Kundalini Shakti, and is also a liberating force, from body limitation. It is in everyone of us, waiting to be released.

Yoga started to be practiced at the beginning of human civilization. Its techniques were at first kept secret and never written. They were thought by Gurus by word of mouth, so to keep clear the understanding and aim of this precious discipline.


Benefits of yoga

Although Yoga main goal is the spiritual path, it has many great benefits to everyone. Physical and mental cleansing and strengthening are the greatest achievements of its practice. Yoga therapy creates balance in the nervous and endocrine system, which influence all the other body organs. Yoga is a great tool to cope with stress, enhancing health and wellbeing.

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Improve Health

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Balance Your Mind

BENEFITS OF YOGA-Claudia-Nicolai-yoga-Instructor-04

Weight Loss

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Sleep Better

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Lower Blood Pressure

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Increase Flexibility

Yoga Classes & Workshops


About me

Hi, I am Claudia and I am a Yoga teacher 520hr
Because of my previous job as a flight attendant, I had the fantastic chance to travel a lot around the world, and discover different realities. During my trips I discovered the beauty of India and I thought it would have been the right place to start my Yoga journey.
I did in Rishikesh, India, my first Yoga training. That allowed me to start share the beautiful knowledge of this amazing discipline.

My experience

I started my Yoga journey when I was 17 because I needed to escape from anxiety. I already knew I had a problem with my emotions, I as an empath, I feel everybody’s feeling double and this of course created in me a big unbalance.

I had my first cystitis when I was around 4. At least this is what I remember since nobody has a record of it, not even my doctor knew I had it. When my second cystitis arrived at 18. I finally gave it a name and I finally got medical support: antibiotic.

Cystitis were coming and going and I started to feel the need to have an healthier life, and this is how I seriously started Yoga, and I felt renewed! But my pelvis did not stop hurting …

Yoga was my lifestyle already but I was getting sicker and sicker.

Now after cystitis I was having Candida, and pain during sex was becoming normal. I started to visit a gynecologist, that suggested me to have a laser surgery. My health did not improve but got worse.

Cystitis was part of my life and so Candida. Looked like I had to give up on my sex life. Of course I did not accept that, so I kept studying and trying different approaches.

I was already teaching Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga when, thanks to my last gynecologist, I discovered the Pelvic Floor muscles and their importance. I heard about it rarely in Yoga classes and I had never heard about it anywhere.

So I started to study and I found out my pelvic floor was very weak because too tight! From then I can finally breath and understand the logic of my body. Listen to my body closer and give it what it needs.

Now I am living again!



"I already tried yoga, it did not work for my condition"

Traditional yoga, has been studied on man’s bodies, and for years women practiced it with absolutely no knowledge of pelvic floor muscles. Some yogic practices aim to contract the pelvic floor even more, and this results in worsen some conditions. In my Program you will practice specific exercises for your condition, made just for women.

"I already trained my Pelvic Floor with Kegel balls, and it did not work at all"

Right, Kegel balls help your pelvic floor contraction, so are for who has a Hypotonic Pelvic Floor. Also ia recommended to follow Kegel Balls training under the eye of an expert, because they do not teach you how to use all the pelvic floor muscles. If instead your muscles are too thight (Hypertonic Pelvic Floor) then what you need is to relax.

"I am ok not to have a happy sexual life, I can live without"

Are you really giving up on a beautiful happy life? Do you know that our hormones impact our mood, and our sex life has a huge role in this? Keeping our pelvic floor muscles active helps to prevent many vaginal diseases, and keep depression and swing mood away.

"After I started Yoga my bladder started hurting"

You might be surprised but this is very common. Traditional Yoga does not focus on Pelvic floor muscles relaxation. A muscle is weak when over contracted (Hypertonic Pelvic Floor) or not able to contract properly (Hypotonic Pelvic Floor). How to train a muscle? Make sure your muscle is relaxed and then you can start to tone up.

"I prefer taking antibiotic, it's easier and faster"

“I prefer taking antibiotic, it’s easier and faster.”It might be a good solution if it happens once, but when your cystitis becomes frequent, you might prefer taking a different and more natural approach to avoid to mess up your digestion and food sensitivity

“I already tried everything and I know my body better than everyone"

I used to think this too, but then I learned not to stop until I find the solution! Are you willing to live your life for a half? Life is a gift and what happens to you has a reason. You are unique and special and you are here on this planet to share with the world your knowledge. Don’t give up and keep learning, living the best life you can!



“Claudia is a very sweet and very good teacher. Her love for yoga shows through teaching and also her professionalism. Practicing with her online, especially during the pandemic, made me feel better and helped me face that period with a positive attitude.”
(Sales representative)
“It is thanks to Claudia's videos that I approached the practice of Yoga. In his videos and live shows he puts all his passion, positivity and professionalism. I find his approach really motivating and engaging. Seeing is believing.”
(Flight attendant)
“Thanks to Claudia I discovered and tried yoga for the first time: the lessons with her were very pleasant , an opportunity for mental and physical pamper and training. Already after a few lessons, I appreciated the benefits! Thanks Claudia!”
pelvic health online yoga Instructor

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